Moms with Cancer
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Surviving and Thriving
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Moms with Cancer
Moms with Cancer is a non-profit organization whose primary goal is addressing the special needs of Moms dealing with cancer treatments and recovery.

A cancer diagnosis can financially and emotionally devastate some families. We are advocates and we understand what it's like to be in the middle of what feels like the darkest place you've ever been.

Welcome to our site please take a moment to read a very special letter to you from our Founder, DeAnna Rice.

My Cancer Mommy
Helping Children Cope with Serious Illness

Follow along as DeAnna's daughter, Taylor Rice when she was only 7 years old , talks to other children about what it was like when her Mommy was diagnosed with cancer.

A story that shares her personal memories, thoughts and feelings through her Mom's diagnosis, treatments and recovery.

Thought of the day...

by DeAnna Rice on 02/01/12

You only have a limited number of Saturdays in your life. What memories are you making?

Sieze the day!!!!

by DeAnna Rice on 06/25/10

Having a cancer diagnosis can flip your life upside down and inside out.

Honestly life is never the same. Not worse, usually better. Living with the diagnosis is a thought that is forever with you. An ache, a pain, a night without sleep can bring fits of terror.

As survivors we must make a point to sieze every day. Life your life with gusto. Play hard. Take chances. Experience things with your loved ones. Learn to say "No thank you" and "I'm sorry, I'm not available".

I have a mother who is living with alzheimers. For many years we lived at odds. Now it is so painful to spend time with this fragile woman who often doesn't know who I am. She can no longer carry a conversation. We can't even talk about the weather. I was always afraid of my cancers and how they affect everyone around me. Now as I look at my Mom and recall how wickedly fast her humor use to be, I long for those phone calls that I could attempt to make her proud of an accomplishment or even just ask her a question.

Sieze the day and love your life... no matter what it looks like today. Tomorrow is another day.